Enjoy crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet using your Android device.


CsipSimple is a SIP softphone client for the Android. In simple words, it is an application for making calls over the Internet.

This guide will help you to configure your CsipSimple to use your CommPeak account. Don't have an account yet? Get one for free.

Configuring CsipSimple

NOTE: Please be aware that if CsipSimple used over 3G/4G/EDGE, some mobile carriers may bill you for data usage.

STEP 1 - Download and install

Go to your Google Play store and search for CsipSimple.
Once installed, please set the fallowing options and press “Save”.

STEP 2 - Adding CommPeak account

Download If you are installing the softphone for the
first time you will be taken to the Accounts screen.

Click on the Add account button to create new account.
Scroll down to Basic to begin configuration.

Now you will be prompted to enter some details like username and password.

To get your account settings, please login and go to: Setup ->SIP accounts.
There you can edit or create a SIP accounts.

Account name: CommPeak
Server: sip.commpeak.com
Username & Password: SIP account credentials.

STEP 3 - Now you can call

Once you have completed the above make sure your account status is “Registered”.

If so, you are ready to make your first call.
Just dial any number in international format starting with the country code.

1 + the area code + number to calls in USA

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